Grade 1

This year our first grade STARTALK students will be learning about China through the story of Marco Polo.  They will answer questions like “What was the same, and what was different?”   Students in China learn how to add and subtract using roman numerals (1, 2, 3, 4…)  just like we do, but they write them differently (, , , ), just like we do (one, two, three, four).  First grade students will also learn the basics of being in a Chinese immersion classroom.  Through watching our instructional videos below, they will become familiar with phrases  like “drink water” or “go to the bathroom” or “stand up” and “sit down.”  We hope that this will help them become more comfortable with their Chinese immersion teacher who does not speak English at any time in the classroom.

Grade 1:  Recommended Video viewing

Chinese Video Instruction
Your student should watch the instructional videos as many times as they want.  Begin testing their understanding by turning the sound down on the video and see if your student can “fill in the blank.”  The key words to the videos are also written in Chinese character next to the video and you can have your student practice writing these characters correctly by going to the website:  It is important that students learn how to write characters using the correct stroke order and this character practice website will help your child practice our key words, and help them learn others as well.  It will be a great resource for you to have at home all year.  Take some time and look at all the resources this site has to offer.

Little Red Hen Powerpoint


Chinese Videos/Activities

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